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Learning About Chinese Characters

There are more than 80,000 Chinese characters, but most of them are seldom used today. So how many Chinese characters do you need to know? For basic reading and writing of modern Chinese, you only need a few thousand. Here are the coverage rates of the most frequently used Chinese characters: Most frequently used  1,000  characters:  ~90%  coverage rateMost frequently used  2,500  characters:  98.0%  coverage rateMost frequently used  3,500  characters:  99.5%  coverage rate Two or More Chinese Characters per English Word For an English word, the Chinese translation (or the Chinese word) often consists of two or more  Chinese characters. You should use them together and read them from left to right. If you want to arrange them vertically, the one on the leftmost should go to the top. See an example for the word English below: As you can see, there are two Chinese characters for English (the language), which are ying1 yu3 in Pinyin.  Pinyin  is the international standard romanization scheme for Chinese characters, which is useful for learning the phonetics of Mandarin. There are four tones in Pinyin and we use the numbers here, i.e., 1, 2, 3, and 4, to depict the four tones. If you want to learn Mandarin (or Pu3 Tong1 Hua4), you have to master the four tones of the language. However, one pinyin usually represents many Chinese characters. For example, han4 can depict the Chinese characters for sweet, drought, brave, Chinese, etc. Thus you have to learn the Chinese characters to master the language. Chinese  is not alphabetic, so the writing is not related to its phonetics. In Chinese, We dont translate the Western alphabet since the letters have no meaning, though we do use the letters in writings, especially in scientific writings. Styles of Chinese Writing There are many styles of Chinese writing. Some of the styles are more ancient than others. In general, there are large differences among the styles, even though some of the styles are quite close. Different styles of Chinese characters are naturally used according to the purposes of the writing, such as Xiaozhuan mainly used for seal carving now. Besides the different styles, there are also two forms of Chinese characters, the simplified and the traditional. The simplified is the standard writing form employed in the mainland of China and the traditional form is mainly used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. There are total 2,235 simplified characters contained in the Simplified Character Table published in 1964 by the Chinese government, so the majority of the Chinese characters are the same in the two forms, though the count of commonly-used Chinese characters is only about 3,500. All the Chinese characters on our site are Kaiti (the standard style) in the simplified form. Japanese Kanji are originally from China, so most of them are the same as their corresponding Chinese characters, but Japanese kanji only contains a small collection of Chinese characters. There are a lot more Chinese characters not included in Japanese Kanji. Kanji are used less and less now in Japan. You dont see a lot of Kanji in a modern Japanese book anymore.

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Advertising Manipulates People Essay - 1111 Words

In our society, we are constantly surrounded by advertising. From the time our alarm clock wakes us up in the morning until we set it at night, our brains are bombarded with advertisements. Ads play a huge role in our lives, telling us what to buy, what car to drive, how our families should interact, and what we should look like. The business of Advertising is built on persuasion. Advertisements attempt to persuade us that we are not rich enough, pretty enough, thin enough, family oriented enough, and the list goes on. To put it more clearly, the advertising empire is built on the exploitation of the fears of the American people. They take the knowledge of our fears and attempt to convince us that if we buy their product, we will achieve†¦show more content†¦People then become convinced that if they buy this particular brand of shoes, they will be able to play basketball as well as that player, gaining them fame, fortune, and everything else that goes with it. If a woman wea rs the brand of designer clothing as a well-known actress, she will gain recognition and acceptance. These tactics are especially effective in targeting women. Flip through any women’s fashion magazine; what do you see on practically every other page? That’s right, an advertisement. The majority of them are for some type of self-improvement product. In the February 2004 issue of Cosmopolitan, there are one hundred and seven pages of advertisements. The majority of these ads are for make-up, hair care products, clothing, and diet aids. All of them are aimed at women, at their desire to be thinner, prettier, and have the nicest hair and clothing. The reason they are effective is because they play off of women’s fear that if they are not and do not have all of these things, then they will not be accepted by society. These advertisements are feeding off of women’s fears of rejection, of not being â€Å"good enough.† The saddest thing is that millions of women buy into these campaigns, believing that if they use a particular brand of lipstick they will be beautiful. Advertising by exploiting the negative self-image possessed by a large number of women has proved to beShow MoreRelatedDoes Advertising Manipulate People?2717 Words   |  11 PagesDoes advertising manipulate people? Discursive Essay Alexandra ID Almaty 2010 Discursive Essay Outline Essay question: Does advertising manipulate people? I. Introduction Thesis statement: Even though advertising today is a big informative source that gives people possibility to know about great diversity of products, advertising controls human desires and mind. II. Body A. Advertising manipulates emotions of poor people in their mind by usingRead MoreTaking a Look at Manipulative Advertising773 Words   |  3 Pages​The meaning of advertising is the act or practice of calling public attention to ones product, service, need, etc(cited in Collins English Dictionary). It has various forms such as televisions, newspapers, magazines, radios, mobiles, books, mailboxes, and through the networks. Advertising has become a part of our daily lives, and it affects our way of life because advertisements are everywhere: in the streets, supermarkets, shops and malls. In fact, advertising is one of the most influentialRead MoreThe Canadian Philosopher Of Communication Theory1533 Words   |  7 PagesThe Canadian philosopher of communication theory, Marshall McLuhan, once said that â€Å"advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century†. Indeed, we are exposed to numerous advertisements every day. They come at us in many different forms and ways through TV screens, billboards, magazines, web pages, door-to-door sales, and even radio. Advertisements are not fundamentally bad, but a lot of them use manipulative tactic and tricks which influence us in ways we do not even realize. Even thoughRead MoreEssay on The Danger of Subliminal Advertising1438 Words   |  6 Pagesadvertisements, movies, radio, and even Spam mail have become a daily part of the lives of many citizens. However, most people do not realize the sinister methods advertisers and corporations employ with the media in order to obtain a profit. The use of subliminal and negative advertising has increased immensely and shows no plan of stopping anytime soon. This dangerous ploy manipulates the public and causes individuals to subconsciously crave a product or service. It is integral that society understandsRead MoreImpact Of Advertising On Female Identity Formation1592 Words   |  7 PagesImpacts of Advertising upon Female Identity Formation What does it mean to be beautiful? For the advertising industry, the standard of being beautiful is perfection. American culture is highly concerned with beauty. From magazine to television advertisements, women are bombarded with images of perfection—perfect figure, perfect hair, and perfect skin. Moreover, advertisements sell products that would help improve women’s appearance. The problem with these advertisements is the subjectivity of beautyRead MoreAdvertising is a Form of Propoganda1232 Words   |  5 Pagestendentiously manipulate the public opinion. It is mainly transmitted through the mass media, which in general can reach out to a large number of people in a short time. If you search up the term advertisement you will find that it usually means one of these things: a paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc; a public notice or the action of making generally known; a calling to the attention of the publ ic. Basically the main goal of advertising is convincingRead MoreAdvertisements Are Manipulating Or Informing989 Words   |  4 Pagespeople’s daily lives. With the development of technological devices; it is impossible to escape from the advertisements. People now are surrounded by advertisements everywhere, on the TV screen, newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. Advertisements help people know information about the products and keep track of the new products. However, with all the advertising out there, advertising techniques have changed in several ways to grab the consumers’ attention and to keep the consumer’s loyalty to theRead MoreThe Effects Of Advertising On Today s Culture863 Words   |  4 Pageson the radio. With advertising all around, it has to have an effect on the people seeing it and hearing it. Advertisement has several negative effects on today s culture, such as it promotes conformity, affects one s self-image, and manipulates how peo ple buy. People may not even realize that advertising has these effects on them. That is how acclimated people have become to it. One effect that advertisement has on today s culture is that it promotes conformity. Advertising is supposed to encourageRead MoreEssay about The Power of Advertising 1374 Words   |  6 PagesAdvertising has been defined as the most powerful, persuasive, and manipulative tool that firms have to control consumers all over the world. It is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Its impacts created on the society throughout the years has been amazing, especially in this technology age. Influencing people’s habits, creating false needs, distorting the values and prioritiesRead MoreThe Ethics of Advertising: Do Advertisers Go Too Far?1397 Words   |  6 PagesThe Ethics of Advertising: Do advertisers go too far? Introduction: Advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, good, service or idea by an identified sponsor (Berkowitz, Crane, Kerin, Hartley, Rudelius, 494). Advertisements are displayed through various means to a large audience. They can be found on the Internet, in a magazine, or even on the highway. Advertisements are everywhere! Their main goal is to grab the consumers attention about a specific

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“Spellbound” a Cinematic Representation of Psychoanalysis Free Essays

The movie â€Å"Spellbound†, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, encompasses several Freudian concepts manifested in the characters; including amnesia, guilt complex, repression, and psychopathology. Psychoanalysis is a major element of the film and is used in the pursuit of â€Å"truth†; the â€Å"truth† being what happened to the real Dr. Edwards. We will write a custom essay sample on â€Å"Spellbound† a Cinematic Representation of Psychoanalysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Also, dream work is a major tool used in the film to uncover the â€Å"truth†. Though â€Å"Spellbound† has several characters that embody Freudian concepts, I believe the four main characters are most important. John Ballantyne exemplifies amnesia, guilt complex, and repression; Dr. Constance Peterson represents the process of psychoanalysis; Dr. Burlov is a depiction of Freud; and Dr. Murchison conveys Psychopathology. The film, â€Å"Spellbound†, begins in the setting of green manors, a mental asylum. The head of the facility, Dr. Murchison, is retiring and a famous psychiatrist, Dr. Edwards, is to take his place. Shortly after â€Å"Dr. Edwards† arrives another psychiatrist, Dr. Constance Peterson, discovers that the man claiming to be â€Å"Dr. Edwards† is an imposter. This imposter is suffering from a guilt complex which causes him to be an amnesiac. Thus begins the pursuit of â€Å"truth†, using psychoanalysis, to uncover who the imposter is and what happened to the real Dr. Edwards. We find out that the imposter is John Ballantyne, a patient of Dr. Edwards, and an amnesiac; which is why he believes he is Dr. Edwards in the beginning of the movie. John Ballantyne’s amnesia is related to the guilt complex from which he is suffering. We know that Ballantyne experienced a traumatic event, this triggered repression of memory, bringing conscious truth to the unconscious to protect the mind from the trauma; this caused his amnesia. Dr. Constance Peterson believes that by using psychoanalysis she can tap into Ballantyne’s mnemic trace, or unconscious memory, and uncover the Primal scene. The primal scene being the trauma that Ballantyne suffered. Dr. Peterson and Ballantyne embark on a journey, evading the authorities, to answer the question of what happened to the real Dr. Edwards. Dr. Constance Peterson, portraying the process of psychoanalysis, is of course mentored by Dr. Burlov who is a representation of Freud; both aesthetically and conceptually. Dr. Peterson brings Ballantyne to Dr. Burlov to help uncover the aforementioned primal scene. This portion of the film encompasses all aspects of Psychoanalysis. Ballantyne, suffering from amnesia due to his guilt complex and repression, is analyzed by Burlov in a few ways. First Burlov uses transference, saying, â€Å"I’m going to be your father image†, then he uses free association, asking Ballantyne, â€Å"Whatever comes into your head just say what it is†. When Ballantyne has no response Burlov turns to dream work saying, â€Å"maybe you dreamt something? † This analysis of Ballantyne’s dream, or dream work, is an integral scene of the film. The dream sequence, designed by Salvador Dali, contains several symbols; these symbols allude to the truth which is buried in Ballantyne’s unconscious. Freud believed that dreams were the connection to the unconscious, and tapping into it could relieve someone of their psychological sufferings. The most important symbols are the bearded man, the proprietor, the sloping roof, the wings, and the wheel. The bearded man is Dr. Edwards. The sloping roof symbolizes a mountain. Dr. Peterson and Burlov deduce that the trauma occurred at a ski resort. The symbolism of the wings and sloping roof gives them the name of the resort, Gabriel Valley. Constance, Ballantyne, and Burlov go to Gabriel Valley to trigger memory. Ballantyne suddenly remembers that at the bottom of the hill there is a cliff, over which Dr. Edwards fell. It is also revealed that Ballantyne’s true primal scene is not the trauma of Dr. Edwards’ death. His true primal scene is the recollected memory of sliding down a rail and accidentally killing his brother, this is the initial trauma that causes his guilt complex, which is why he was a patient of Dr. Edwards. When Dr. Edwards’ body is uncovered it is discovered that he did not die from the fall, but from a gunshot. Ballantyne is sentenced and incarcerated. This does not sit well with Constance. She looks over her notes on Ballantyne’s dream and realizes that the proprietor is Dr. Murchison, the chimney he hid behind was a tree, and the wheel is a revolver which he used to kill Dr. Edwards. Dr. Murchison is clearly an example of psychopathology. In conclusion, Hitchcock’s â€Å"Spellbound† is a cinematic representation of many Freudian concepts such as psychoanalysis, dream work, and guilt complex. The characters embody these concepts. The pursuit of â€Å"truth† is a major element of the film; this is also the case in psychoanalysis, which is used to uncover repressed memories; or the â€Å"truth†. How to cite â€Å"Spellbound† a Cinematic Representation of Psychoanalysis, Essay examples

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Huntintons Disease A brief overview of current fin Essay Example For Students

Huntintons Disease A brief overview of current fin Essay dings and theories of the biochemical and molecular biological characteristics of polyQ triple repeat mutenagized coding region of the Huntingtin geneHuntington’s disease is an inherited neurodegenerative disorder. It is passed on to children from one or both parents (though two parents with Huntington’s is extraordinarily rare) in an autosomal dominant manner. This is different from autosomal recessive disorder, which requires two altered genes (one from each parent) to inherit the disorder. So if one parent has it, and passes the gene on to a child, that child will develop Huntington’s disease if they live long enough and each of that child’s’ children will have a 50% chance of inheriting the gene, and so on and so forth. If you do not have the HD gene you can’t pass it on to your children and if your mate doesn’t have it then there is no way your child will develop the disease (spontaneous cases of HD are less than 0.1%). There are no â€Å"carriers† for Huntington’s. HD is present in all areas of the world but is dominant in western Europeans and their descendants. In the United States every 1 in 10,000 people have developed HD, that’s 300,000 people with another 150,000 at risk (all of those with children have a 50% chance of passing it on). The HD gene is present at birth, but doesn’t usually develop until a persons thirties or forties. Though this is the most common time for symptoms to develop, there have been cases were symptoms developed as young as 2 and as old as 80. Symptoms begin gradually and increase over time. Huntington’s disease affects three main areas of function: motor (physical), mood (emotional), and cognition (psychological). Motor function disturbances can fall into too much movement and too little movement. Chorea, involuntary dance-like movements, can affect any part of the body. It looks like restlessness, wriggling, movement of the fingers or toes in early stages of development. These movements become larger and more sporadic over time and can involve the face, arms, legs, and trunk. It tends to lessen in the later stages. When the disease occurs in childhood (less than 10% of cases) Chorea is more severe and may coincide with rigidity or muscle stiffness and movement restriction. B oth chorea and rigidity interfere with coordination and mobility. Changes in mood are not readily noticeable as they are slow to manifest and can be interpreted as something else (i.e. HD causes depression but so does our society so this symptom often gets overlooked) Anxiety, irritability, rage, mania, and psychosis are also common symptoms. Cognition (the mental process characterized by thinking, learning, and judging) is affected early in the disease and gets worse over time. Individuals will have problems with math, memory, judgment and verbal fluency. It is very difficult for someone with HD to learn a new task, especially in the later stages of development. There currently is neither a cure nor FDA approved medical treatment for Huntington’s disease. The life expectancy is 15 – 20 years after development begins, and though Huntington’s itself doesn’t directly kill the individual, it causes so many functional breakdowns in the body that the person can no longer perform basic physical operations such as swallowing and as such a common cause of death is choking or respitory infection. Huntington disease is caused by the expansion of a polymorphic trinucleotide repeat (CAG)n located in the coding region of the Huntingtin gene. The range of these repeats in normal individuals is 9 to 37, but in HD patients it ranges from 37 to 86 and cases up 150. The human HD gene was cloned to 4p16.3 on chromosome 4 in 1993 by the HD Collaborative Research Group. The gene named IT15( important transcript 15) includes 180-200kb and consists of 67 exons. The HD mutation occurs in the first exon of this gene, which codes for a large 348kd protein named huntingtin (htt). The mutant HD gene directs the synthesis of RNA with an expanded CAG segment and consequently a protein with a lengthened stretch of consecutive glutamine residues. The HD mRNA consists of two alternatively polyadenylated species of 13.5 and 10.5 kb with the CAG repeat located near the 5end 17 codons down from the initiator AUG. The huntingtin protein has no similarity with any other reported sequences except in the low-sequence complexity polyglutamine-polyproline region (encoded by the CAG and an adjacent degenerate CCG repeat) near the NH2-terminus and a motif implicated in cellular protein transport HEAT'(a protein motif found in Huntington ,elongation factor 3 (EP3) regulatory A subunit of protein phosphatase 2A,and TORI) found in a variety of unrelated proteins. HEAT repeats are found in several cytoplasmic regulatory proteins with known roles in transport processes. The first 17 amino acids of huntingtin and the rest of the protein downstream of the polyglutamine-polyproline segment is highly conserved in evolution, the polyglutamine-polyproline segment is not, and it may be required for Huntington’s unknown function. The CAG repeat expansion is the sole mutation responsible for all inherited and sporadic cases of HD. The number of CAG repeats influences the age of onset and disease progression. Identity crisis (joy luck club EssaySo, what does all that mean (I researched this for a week and most of what I wrote still confuses me). But basically it’s this. We have a gene, Huntingtin, of whose function we don’t yet know. But we do know were it is and what it normally looks like. When it is mutagenized to extended it’s triple repeat chain of CAG it causes a change in the shape of the protein which binds to an essential enzyme for DNA function, which changes certain processes in the cell, which leads to cell apoptosis (pre-programmed, self-induced death of the cell). This happens in the brain and affects the nervous system leading to degradation of physical and mental functions and indirectly leads to death. It must be noted that over the past 10 years causes and possible cures or treatments have changed many times and this report only summarizes recent findings and understandings or theories from 1994-2001. Other interesting aspects of this topic include the first cases of genetic discrimination. Currently in the UK there is legislation allowing insurance companies to test applicants for the HD gene and if results are positive the can deny insurance to that person, or allow insurance if backed by a mortgage and $100,000 life insurance premium. While no such legislation yet exists in the U.S. we face a dilemma of our own:Huntington’s disease genomic research represents a classical ethical dilemma created by the human genome project, i.e., that of the widened gap between what we know how to diagnose and what we know how to cure. This has been referred to as a Tiresias complex. The blind seer Tiresias confronted Oedipus with the dilemma : ‘It is but sorrow to be wise when wisdom profits not’ (from Oedipus the King by Sophocles). N.S. Wexler re-stated the question as follows: â€Å"Do you want to know how and when you are going to die if you have no power to change the outcome? Should such knowledge be made freely available?†. Maybe, maybe not. But the pursuit of how and why diseases such as Huntington’s or cystic fibrosis or down syndrome or the many other genetic disorders happen will eventually lead in the knowledge of how to prevent them all together. Just give it time. Bates,G.Eberwine, J. (2001)Hunting in the Calm Before the Storm. Nature Genetics: volume 25 no.4. The Huntingtons Disease Collaborative Research Group. (1993) A novel gene containing a trinucleotide repeat that is expanded and unstable on Huntingtons disease chromosomes. Cell 72:971-983. Housman, D. (1995) Gain of glutamines, gain of function? Nature Genetics 10:3-4. Ashley, C.T. and Warren, S.T. Trincleotide repeat expansion and human disease. (1995) Annual Reviews of Genetics 29:703-728. Bates, G. Expanded glutamines and neurodegeneration a gain of insight. (1996) Kansas university Medical Center: Huntington Disease Clinic web page. Nasir, J. Goldberg, Y.P. and Hayden, M.R. (1996) Huntington disease: new insights into the relationship between CAG expansion and disease. Human Mitas, M. Trinucleotide repeats associated with human disease. (1997) Nucleic Gusella, J.F., Persichetti, F. and MacDonald, M.E. (1997) The genetic defect causing Huntingtons Disease: repeated in other contexts? Molecular Medicine Wellington, C.L. and Hayden, M.R. (1997) Of molecular interactions, mice and mechanisms: new insights into Huntingtons disease. Current Opinion in Neurology Chastain, P.D. and Sinden, R.R. (1998) CTG repeats associated with human genetic disease are inherently flexible. Journal of Molecular Biology 275:405-411. A brief overview of current findings and theories of the Biochemical and Molecular Biological characteristics of polyQ triple repeat mutagenized coding region of the Huntingtin geneBibliography:Attatched to paper

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Greed Triggers Fraud And Corruption Essay Example

Greed Triggers Fraud And Corruption Essay Abstraction Purpose Greed triggers fraud and corruptness which is one of the biggest jobs we are confronting in our state as its increasing tremendously instead than diminishing. The intent of this survey is to measure the different types of fraud and corruptness and because it is such a wide subject we will concentrate on a life state of affairs which highlights how greed plays a immense function in the creative activity of fraud and corruptness. Design/ Methodology/ attack in deepness interview are conducted with a senior measure surveyor who has been working for a catching company for the past six old ages and has allowed me to be portion of the probe procedure that is being conducted. The ground behind the probe is to happen out how come they owe such a great sum of money for revenue enhancement but money had been deducted from their wages since they started working and grounds of being below the belt dismissed. We will write a custom essay sample on Greed Triggers Fraud And Corruption specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Greed Triggers Fraud And Corruption specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Greed Triggers Fraud And Corruption specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Findingss The employer of the catching company seems to be subtracting money from his employee s wages but non paying the revenue enhancement company without the cognition of his employees utilizing it for his ain private usage. Extra information was found that all his workers have nt been registered under the section of labor and the company has been running for a figure of old ages now and unjust dismissal was practised in this company. Originality/ Value The concluding consequences of this paper will assist us understand and mind that there are all sorts of corruptness in the industry. Ms Anonyms will manus over all her payments slips to the probe officers to turn out that she has been working and paying for her revenue enhancement over the past old ages while working and to besides open a instance of unjust dismissal and take it to the Commission for Conciliation Meditation and Arbitration ( CCMA ) . Footing OF REFERENCE PROPBLEM DESCRIPTION Fraud and corruptness play a large function in the building industry which this consequences in the hindering of development in our state and the state non traveling frontward. Purpose The Aim of the research is to convey the affair of fraud and corruptness to attending of the reader. To observe hazards in the industry and to supply users with relevant anti- corruptness resources. Aim To happen out what triggers fraud and corruptness To what extent is an single willing to lift out low to acquire what they want and non be caught How corruptness affects the Construction industry How it hinders development. Proposal Chapter one 1.1 Introduction Greed is a critical issue impacting the building industry and state as a whole as it leads to fraud and corruptness which plays a immense portion on the hindering of development in our state. Chapter 2 2.1 Greed The selfishness of an person of desiring more and non being satisfied of what they already have. 2.2 Fraud A condemnable offense done deliberately because of personal motivations which the person will derive that could impact another person. Corruptness Chapter three 3.1 Case survey Ms Anonymous finds herself in the center of a fraud and corruptness state of affairs that she was non cognizant off. 3.2 Tax invasion CONTENT Page PGE NO. Acknwoledgements Abstraction Footings of mention Chapter 1 Introduction Fraud and Corruption are wide and complex issues but their roots are embedded in a states societal or cultural history, Political and economic development and it includes both these committed by the authorities, employers, employees, direction staff, persons or a group of people who have come together with one docket merely and these committed is motivated by Greed. Greed tips and single into fraud and corruptness which besides triggers the power of the head, when a individual starts stalling about the benefits and what one shall derive they get down to get down plotting ways in doing these ideas into world and one time these ideas become world and the result is greater than expected they start mistreating the state of affairs into their ain advantage. The building industry sector is recognised as transporting the highest hazard of corruptness, the rate of corruptness and fraud in the industry is increasing tremendously instead than diminishing which is decelerating down the economic system and surprisingly it has become an ordinary and normal wont that is being practised. It is about like a swimming pool which everybody now wants to leap in and swim in the deep terminal non bearing in head that non everybody can swim. Chapter 2 History Greed Greed is that utmost desire to achieve or posses more than what one has such as stuff wealth which is normally more than what one needs and deserves. It besides involves utilizing being affluent to derive power over others besides denying others of wealth and power. It is fundamentally being selfish, thought of one s ego while at the same-time affecting other people negative manner. For illustration if a edifice inspector would accept a payoff from a contractor to O.K. and province that all work done is of good quality and status while that is non true than that is an act of being greedy because looking at the state of affairs the lone people deriving here are the edifice inspector and the contractor while in the long it will negatively impact the community as a whole or the people who will be in usage of the premises that is being built. Fraud In the state we live in fraud is a condemnable act that would disfavor an person or a group of people and it is besides a civil jurisprudence misdemeanor. Fraud is done deliberately which involves dishonesty for personal addition or harm to other persons. Fraud can be categorized into many signifiers for illustration larceny and peculation. In a instance of fraud you would hold for illustration a individual such an Alien ( non belonging in the industry ) who knows nil about the building and the whole background of it holding certifications measure uping him in raising undertakings in a instance that he does nt flush how foundation is done. Corruptness Corruptness in any instance is the act of being dishonest and mistreating power or the individual s place. Corruptness can go on anyplace and is normally committed by an person or a group of people such as functionaries or private individuals. Corruptness comes in many signifiers such as graft, nepotism, cheating, ballot tackle and extortion. An illustration of corruptness would be paying off kickbacks to acquire multi million rand contracts for doubtful grounds, holding to regularly donating immense amounts of money to possibly political parties or purchase expensive gifts such as autos deserving 1000000s rands in-order to acquire something in return. Corruptness and fraud come in with greed because they are actions stem from the deficiency of moralss and undermine human establishment and human dealingss. Chapter 3 CASE STUDY Ms Anonymous and Contracting Company. Ms Anonymous has been working for a catching company for the past 3 old ages as a senior measure surveyor for this company. She did more than merely her employed place where she besides worked in the civil side of the work and any other work that needed attending she would be lief to help in other words she was more of an plus to the company and they had mentioned that to her every bit good. The job started when Ms Anonymous received a missive that she needed to travel kind out her revenue enhancement returns. When she went to pay a visit at the revenue enhancement company ( SARS ) . S he was informed that she owes a batch of money and was asked why she has nt been paying for her revenue enhancement? She was shocked and told them that she has been paying for her revenue enhancement of all time since she started working for her recent company the past three old ages. They told her to bespeak and RIP5 signifier from her employer and besides to maintain all her wage faux pass as cogent evidence of payments for revenue enhancement when needed to look into her history and besides that her company was one of the companies that were chosen for audits in 2012 so they would be an probe with respects to her affair of non paying revenue enhancement and would take things from at that place. Audited accounts where subsequently on done of the company and it revealed that they owe a great trade sum of money and that they have non been paying whatsoever. They told Ms Anonymous to convey all grounds as cogent evidence that money has been deducted from her history for revenue enhancement and they had promised that no information sing with her history would he linked to the proprietors of the company and had assured her that she did nil wrong as they had called in her to question her about her revenue enhancement figure. Investigations continued as the revenue enhancement research workers kept coming into the office to make Company Audits and since they had no fiscal and bank statements and how much is being charged from the workers it pin pointed that they have been non paying such as VAT and PAYE. Thingss started to be small offish at work where they were all panicking and looking for fingers to indicate as they were non cognizant how and what had led SARS to come and scrutinize the company with gaining that SARS had chosen them themselves than rumor went out the Ms Anonymous had went to SARS. Subsequently on they made false wage faux pass stating as he was paid more than she was being paid so that it will demo as if she was the 1 who was non paying Tax but so Ms Anonymousness Payslips had proven all of that incorrect. A month subsequently Ms Anonymous was called into the Bosses office and was told that due to fiscal restraints they will hold allow her travel because they will non be able to afford and they will be giving her 3 months to look for her occupation and are willing to give her good recommendation. Tax The importance of paying revenue enhancement Cipher wants to pay revenue enhancement which is extremely apprehensible but that money is the lone money raised through revenue enhancement that the authorities relies on to bring forth public gross to pay for public disbursals that provide goods and services to the populace. Without revenue enhancement and people non paying it becomes hard for the authorities to seek run intoing the basic demands of the state. Both the province and the local authoritiess are imposed in roll uping revenue enhancement. There are different types of revenue enhancements that need to be paid which are: Income revenue enhancements Payroll revenue enhancements Gross saless revenue enhancements Excise revenue enhancements Wealth revenue enhancements Article I, Section 8, says: The Congress shall hold Power to lie And roll up Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and supply for the common Defence and general Welfare of the state Benefits and utilizations for revenue enhancement As mentioned above that revenue enhancement pays for goods and services for the populace such as: Education Public lodging Public public assistance such as security Unemployment benefits Highwaies and public transit Health Polices Fire protection Tax besides includes day-to-day runing disbursals of the authorities and besides wages of the authorities employees and besides involvement on debt owed by the authorities. It is extremely of import as the benefits of revenue enhancement keep the state in topographic point and running and besides making out to the people who are unable to afford from themselves. The roads we walk and drive in everyday is because of the revenue enhancement that is being paid, the public clinics and infirmaries that help our people to acquire intervention and be attended to when they can non afford when they are ill is because of revenue enhancement and the list goes on but all in all it is good for the state for revenue enhancement to being paid. Duties of income revenue enhancement remunerators The income revenue enhancement system is a voluntary act and conformity but it does non intend that revenue enhancement remunerators can merely pay revenue enhancement when they want to or non pay revenue enhancement when they besides do nt desire to. In other words everybody who is working must pay revenue enhancement and in order enemy people to follow with the legal duties the revenue enhancement jurisprudence must be just and house. When looking at being just, the authorities must be just plenty as to the people paying revenue enhancement habit resent him as the authorities and the leader of the state and besides resent paying revenue enhancement at the terminal of the twenty-four hours and doing certain that everybody complies. When looking at being steadfast, people who do nt follow with this jurisprudence and seek to duck it must be punished and made seen that they are perpetrating a condemnable offense and should pay in a heartfelt way for such action. Punishments for Tax Fraud In most instances people who do nt pay revenue enhancement are due to carelessness or negligence or normally done deliberately and happen ways to avoid paying revenue enhancement which is seen as revenue enhancement fraud and these people are faced with revenue enhancement involvement or revenue enhancement punishments. Tax fraud is when people who avoid paying revenue enhancement and are non honest to the authorities about their monthly/annually incomes so they can be taxed reasonably with respects to how much they earn and they lie in-order to pay small revenue enhancement which becomes unjust to the authorities and all other revenue enhancement remunerators. Tax fraud is a offense and people who commit such offense face high effects near to about 75 percent fiscal punishments. There is no manner of ducking and concealing from paying revenue enhancements because finally everybody is caught merely that it might non be now but when it comes to fraud and corruptness person ever slacks up and leaves foot prints. LABOUR RELATIONS ACT ( LRA ) The labour dealingss act is the relationship between people who work and those who they work for. The labour dealingss act was reshaped and implemented to make a good and working-full environment in the workplace. To give an employer and a employee to work under good and just rules cognizing their rights and restrictions and which lines non to traverse. To protect the employee against the employer and to besides protect the employer against the employee but in most instances employees are opening instances against their employers. it is hoped that democracy in the workplace will convey industrial stableness, economic growing, and labour peace. Judgment of dismissals of the Labour dealingss act Chapter VIII of the LRA concerns unjust dismissals. Section 185 records that every employee has the right non to be below the belt dismissed. The term dismissal is examined in the subdivision 186 and includes: A expiration effected by an employee with or without notice. An employer s failure to regenerate a fixed term contract when an employee has a sensible outlook Refusal of an employer to let an employee to return to work after pregnancy leave. Retrenchment When retrenchment is introduced it is normally when a company is confronting some fiscal troubles and is done for the followerss grounds, economic, structural or proficient grounds and before retrenchment takes topographic point a proper process needs to be taken in-order to let for retrenctment which is as follows: Consultation Immediately when the employer has no other options but to use retrenchment, he has to inform his employees buy keeping up a mass meeting where everybody is present or he could keep single meetings with the persons who will be involved in the retrenchment. Employees are allowed to interact with the employer and besides suggest other alternate ways which could be looked into such as cut downing working hours and besides workings yearss, the appropriate method to be used for the people are to be dismissed. Minutess can be taken in this instance as it would assist for misunderstood state of affairss and to protect both the employer and employees. When audience is taking place members of the trade brotherhoods can be present to protect their workers and all the committee for conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration ( CCMA ) can besides be present to step in in this affair. Unwraping of information in authorship When complementing retrenchment the administration or the employer should publish letters to the employees that will be affected because of retrenchment. The information should inform the employees of the pending and the day of the months of retrenchment, grounds why they will be intiating retrenchment, the servenrane wage that is proposed, the aid of the employer with respects with interviews and helping them in acquiring new employment if possible. Should at that place be any misinterpretation or any differences that could take topographic point than the employer shall mention to the written information to clear up any mis-understandingand these differences could be handled by the labour tribunal or the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration ( CCMA ) . Opportunity for feedback The employer should give employees the chance to give feedback with the proposed retrenchment that will take topographic point, give them a opportunity to do presentations and whatever is said and presented must be taken inot consideration by the employer and seek to negociate as so all paryies are happy. The last in 1st out regulation should be applied when covering with retrenchment as you ca nt compare a individual who has been working for a company for the past 3 old ages over a individual who has been around the company for 2months. If the company is traveling through fiscal restraints and they wish to allow travel a few staff than they should see the last late employed staff. Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Data aggregation With the information gathered with respects to Miss Anonymouses instance we can pull up the undermentioned checklist: The company has been subtracting revenue enhancement from her wage She received a monthly income She enjoyed one-year and ill leave, UIF and PAYE benefits She has been working for the company for the past 3 old ages She signed an employment contract of reinstatement in September 2009 There is no cogent evidence of her being registered by her employer under the Labour tribunal Datas analysis With the collected information it shows that Miss Anonymouses was a full employee of the company which besides makes her autumn under the people who should be paying revenue enhancement to the authorities every-month. Having a expression at her payslip it clearly shows that money has been deducted for revenue enhancement from her payslip and with her cognition she has been paying for revenue enhancement. Extra information has been found that she was has non been registered under the labour tribunal significance she ca nt be taxed as they may non be cognizant of how much she gets paid which is would do it difficult for the revenue enhancement adult male to revenue enhancement her properly. The company is at mistake for utilizing moneyof the employees for their ain personal usage and without their cognition and this drunkard of behavior does fall under fraud and corruptness and is a offense. She has been working for the company for over the past three old ages so if the company was traveling through any kind of fiscal jobs and they saw utilizing the retrenchment system as portion of covering costs than they did non follow the proper processs of dismissal, she was non even consulted decently or given a opportunity to discourse the affair and negotiate or think of other alternate ways to avoid such dismissal. Re-solutions, suggestions When mentioning to the instance survey, the best possible stairss that could be taken here is that Ms Anonymous keeps all cogent evidence of her payments that she can stand for to SARS, compose each and every individual thing said to her and if they is anything asked or told to inquire for it in composing and signed for because in the state we live in anything is possible and to do life easy is holding all cogent evidence and grounds merely to be on the safe side. With respects to unjust dismissal, she should take the affair to the CCMA and describe the act of unjust dismissal because no proper processs where taken so it is either they will hold to counterbalance her even more or giver her, her occupation back if she is willing to take it back. Each and every employee has a right to be treated reasonably in the on the job environment and legal action can be taken in state of affairss like this. Chapter 6 Decision Fraud and corruptness is everyplace and is triggered by greed of an person and it reduces economic growing, quality of life and undermines authorities creditability and reduces effectiveness. The battle against them should be presented in a short period of clip in order to contend corruptness. Every federal section and bureau should work together continuously. Audit and probe s could happen any corruptness or fraud instances, but the most of import thing is to specify how to forestall and observe them at the earliest phase possible.

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Widow Maker

Widow Maker Definition of a Widowmaker Loggers have always had to deal with daily exposure to situations that could seriously jeopardize  their health and even cause death. There are many ways forestry workers and recreational users of a forest can quickly suffer from a tree-related accident. The term widow maker came to be as a morbid reminder for people working in the woods to avoid situations that can both cause death and profoundly affect the family. The short definition of the term can be translated into the phrase - any loose overhead debris such as limbs or tree tops that may fall at any time. Widow makers are extremely dangerous and present a tree  faller with a continual source of danger. Limb or other loose material dropped or thrown from a tree toward the faller as the tree is felled. Wildland fire fighters, foresters and woods workers have expanded this definition to include many situations in which a tree can cause harm leading to a fatality.   Hazards that Qualify as a Widowmaker The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has expanded these hazards into conditions that should be avoided or eliminated before attempting to fell trees. Anyone that regularly visits the forest should understand how to  evaluate the surrounding area to identify potential tree hazards. Here are those important hazards you need to recognize in a forest: Snags  are stand alone dead trees and subject to failure and falling at any moment. Snags are significantly dangerous when equipment vibrations, high winds and fire undermine an already unsturdy structure. Throwback is usually seen when trees fall through other trees and on objects during felling a tree. Size up the direction a tree will fall before cutting. Never turn your back on a falling tree and plan an escape route if you are the feller. Extreme Weather includes wind, rain and ice. You increase you chances for harm as your exposure to these natural disturbances. Do your woods-work or play on a safer site or another day. Tree Tension Release is usually not a problem during a casual visit to a forest.   It often happens when harvesting trees in multi-layered canopies. On example of this is called a spring pole where a  tree, segment of a tree, limb, or sapling under stress or tension is released due to the pressure or weight of another tree or object.   Terrain effect ca n provide the physics to initiate a catalyst to cause a ripple of multiple hazards to occur. If the tree falls onto stumps, rocks, or uneven ground, a hazard may be created. Always be aware of your surroundings,

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NASCAR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

NASCAR - Essay Example Chicken Soup for the National Association, for Stock Car Auto Racing Soul highlights one hundred and one great narrations of courage, speed, conquering adversity and dedication. NASCAR, the number one spectator sport in United States, brings you this exciting jam packed trivia article that takes the reader around the country to each of the twenty NASCAR Winston Cup Series race tracks. From Pocono to Atlanta speedway, Daytona International Speedway, to the California Speedway, you can test your skill and knowledge of National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing facts and lore. This book was tailored particularly meant for National Association for Stock Cars Auto Racing fans by David Poole and Jim McLaurin. This feature goes behind the scene of the all confidential world of the supporters, decision makers and drivers while listen in individual conversations; from colorful typescript to high speed adventures. According to John Roberts and M.B. Roberts with more than seventy five million fans, The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is one of the globals mainly well-liked sports. John Roberts, who is a Racing Broadcaster, finds out the answers to the burning questions, such as who had the highest winning streak in the race? What are the best ever cars on the circuit? Who are the most excellent female participants of all time? Among

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Modern Classics of Comparative Politics (SEE INSTRUCTIONS) Essay

Modern Classics of Comparative Politics (SEE INSTRUCTIONS) - Essay Example America’s political structure is democratic, but the structure of some other country, say Zimbabwe in Africa is not heavily keeled towards democracy. One can only term this political system employed in Zimbabwe and other African nations as being dictatorial ship. China operates on a communist policy. A country like Britain has a combination of both aristocratic as well as democratic systems. Following the above differentiation, a number of questions arise. For instance, how then are these systems of government determined? Why can’t all nations in the world adopt particular system of government? Who determines what system of government is suitable for a certain nation and unsuitable for the other? What is the criterion that is used in this concept? How are the different systems of government differentiated from each other? Why did some forms of systems succeed in a particular nation and failed in the other? This paper will answer these questions by taking a comparative analysis of different political setups and systems. This will be done through a review of a number of books, articles and journals that have illuminated on these concepts on a large scale. The paper will also divulge fully into the review of one of these articles to try and critically evaluate how successful comparative research design in politics is in the execution of the authors’ objectives, and consider how alternative research designs may have improved or worsened the study. Before engaging into the corpus of this argument, it s vital to ensure that all factors relating to this concepts are laid bare. Some terms that will be vastly used in this paper will be defined here beforehand for ease of flow of the ideas to be presented in this paper. These terms constitute the different forms of political systems that various countries in the world adopt in their political structures. They are Presdentialism, authoritarian and

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Ethics in Accounting - Enron (History and Background of Enron) Essay

Ethics in Accounting - Enron (History and Background of Enron) - Essay Example Lay was named the chief executive officer in 1986. This is when the company adopted the name Enron Corp. During the merger, Enron had incurred a huge debt and lost its executive rights to pipelines as a result of deregulation. In 1987, the company realized that it had made a loss of close to $ 1 billion, it worked the loss down to $ 142 million, and the loss made the company adopt a different strategy in order to cushion itself against price fluctuations (Lucian & Cristina, 2007). Jeff Skilling, a consultant hired by the company, came up with a new business plan that would help the company generate earnings. This new approach called for the creation of gas banks where Enron Corp bought gas from different suppliers and sold it to consumers (Thomas, 2002). Enron assumed the associated risks. The company started to venture into other business areas beyond the natural gas and pipeline. This saw Enron become a financial trader as well as market maker in various products and services including water, broadband, coal, power, and steel among others. In 1992, the Enron extended its operations to South America through the acquisition of Transportadora de Gas del Sur. By 1993, the company’s power plant in England began to operate. By the late 1990s, the company had started to implement a number of innovations that would help to lower the cost of electricity and gas by almost 50 percent. In 1994, the company did its first electricity trade which proved to be profitable. In 1995, after the establishment of a trading center in London, Enron ventured into the European wholesalers market. The construction of the Dabhol power plant to be located in India started in 1996, although the project was later abandoned and put up for sale due to political reasons. During the same year, Skilling was made the chief operating officer for the company. He managed to convince Lay that the gas bank model he had introduced could be applied to electric energy

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Cross Cultural Management Report On Nandos Cultural Studies Essay

Cross Cultural Management Report On Nandos Cultural Studies Essay The operation of business on a global scale requires that firms should cultivate their international business by respecting the national differences in the countries where they expand to. This is what Nandos had failed to observe. It has rigidly and excessively stuck to its corporate culture exhibited in South Africa. It failed to note that South African s national culture is not the same thing as what applies in countries in European and Asian states . Also , the Nando s management in the South African headquarter had given no room for the management of its firms in other countries to operate freely this has given them no room for innovative strategic marketing planning in observance to the environment in which they operate in . The national culture of South Africa has greatly influenced the corporate culture of the Nando s organization and it thus constituted a negative impact when its adherence and transfer to other national culture that is not compatible , led to the unprofitable business operations in these countries . The level of competition in the fast food industry in contemporary times is getting tense, with expansion in big firms and new entrants to the business. Issue#2 Advertisement issue in Australia and South Africa Nandos is known in South Africa for its humorous but often controversial adverts. One such television advert from 2000, involved a blind woman being led into a pole intentionally and knocked unconscious by her guide dog, which then proceeded to eat the chicken that the woman had just purchased. This caused uproar from people who were concerned that the blind would be offended. The South African Advertising Standards Authority  called for the withdrawal of the advert. Several blind people were quoted in the media as finding the advert amusing In Australia, Nandos ran an advertising campaign based around the 2002 political controversy regarding the mandatory detention of illegal immigrants. The detainees had been waging a hunger strike campaign, even resorting to physically sewing their lips closed. Nandos adverts proclaimed that the strikers decided to unsew their lips after hearing the news that with every Nandos quarter chicken combo, Nandos are giving away an extra quarter chicken free. Melbournes Sphere Advertising, said that the ad was designed to spark controversy, saying that they knew that theres a section of our audience thats going to be uncomfortablebut we want to evoke a response. In 2007, there was further controversy in Australia when Nandos aired a sexually explicit advertisement; centered around a family whose mother figure was also a pole dancer. Despite complaints to have it removed, the Advertising Standards Bureau ruled that it did not contain excessive nudity for its M rating. Currently, this advert is still causing a heated debate. It ranges from virulent opposition to Nandos on various blogs to modest reviews in some Australian online directories. Most recently they have created a cheeky campaign for their new Tropico Burger with the former football star  Warick Capper  as the face of the new promotion. Capper asks the question, Whose buns does the sun shine out of the most? Mine or the Tropico Burger? They have developed a catalogue of commercials on the  Nandos Australia Advertising  website. During the South African national elections of 2009, Nandos made an advert lampooning  ANC  Youth League president  Julius Malema  by using a puppet that resembled him. Malemas lawyers sued Nandos and the original advert was removed. However, an altered version was released, with the puppets face pixelated and the voice altered. The puppet used in the advert was later sold at auction for R100,000 which was donated to an educational charity. Issue#3 How to retain cultures and values while expanding abroad One of the biggest challenges for Nandos was seen as how to retain their culture and values while expanding abroad. As Jane Hume related: My key task is to keep our culture burning within the expanding South African and global context. We want to be global but local, big but small, and decentralized with central reporting andcontrol. Above all, we must retain our close family centred culture, our core values, in the process of globalization, yet adapt to very different cultures. A second challenge for Nandos lay in how to build critical mass in foreign markets. Stores overseas had to begin with simple store marketing, just as South African stores did when Nandos began. In most countries, people were not familiar with Portuguese food, and their advertising had to be a lot more educational than was the case in South Africa. Nandos wanted this education to be done with the same tone, fun and irreverence that was typical for the brand at home. Recognizing the potential pitfall, however, McKenzie noted that no attempt was made to translate humour from South Africa to other countries.They have to find their own level of humour. It is very much a cultural thing. Their advertising should be topical. Only they know the burning issues in their country, the areas that would attract most attention. But it must be packaged in the Nandos way. It was assumed that humour and irreverence were sound positioning strategies worldwide. Issue#4 Is Nandos haram or halalà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦.Issue arises in Pakistan and Malaysia A mail from a customer who confidently state with some evidence that nandos is not halal Dear Friends,   AOA I am posting an email(un-edited)received from a relative.Comments of brothers will help.To me besideNOT HALAL the acts are CRUAL in a society which claims to be flag bearer of humanity.Commercialization (for cost saving,profits)to save some money cannot be used to induce ZULAM on livings.Here is the text received. Councillor Salim Mulla   Chair Regeneration   Town Hall, Blackburn   BB1 7DY   01254 585321 01254 260208 Email:  [emailprotected] Asalaamualaikum Brother and Sisters, After a recent meeting with HMC (Halal monitoring committee) I can confirm that the chicken served by Halal Nandos outlets still is NOTHALAL. HMC personally inspected the slaughterhouse of Freemans and came up with this conclusion. My point of contact is Haroon Rashid. Their chickens are all electrocuted, the power is that much that some of the brains explode and so do nerve endings. They dont do ziba as the chickens flap around too much and it leads to their wings getting damaged. This is definitely not Halal and not the way that Allah says to treat these animals. An extract taken from the Guardian (astaghfirullah) website on the issue of fast-food taking the case of Freemans who is the supplier of Nandos. Newent sits in folds of lush countryside at the far western reach of the Cotswolds hidden from view, is Freemans of Newent. Clifford Freeman and his cousin own this poultry abattoir. It is the largest Halal plant in Britain , employing more than 250 people, slaughtering 300,000 chickens a week, and after considerable   persuasion and hesitation Freeman has agreed to show me how it is done. The birds are collected from farms at night, transported to the site in the early hours of the morning, and kept in darkness until   they are ready to be killed. Workers hang them upside down by their feet in shackles, suspended from a conveyor belt, or line, which then dangles them through an electrified bath. Their heads are submerged, and a high-frequency current in the water stuns them. The line keeps moving,  taking the birds on to the slaughter area, where three men are standing ready to cut their throats. Issue#5 Issue in U.A .E where people are highly responsible and human oriented Dear All, here some informations i got today. I m a regular customer of Nando`s in the Greens. I like the food and (till this day) the concept of Nando`s. Even the home delivery service it was always good. BUTwhat i heard today made me very angry!! The staff of Nando`s in the Greens have to work daily minimum 12 hours, without to get any payment for the overtime ( is against the rules of U.A.E to do so) furthermore almost all of the staff would like to leave the company asap, because of the Manager there and his behavior. Actually there`s one case, where a Lady from the Philippines after 3 years worked as a waiter, wants to leave Nando`s to start a new job in a other company. I saw her crying and asked her what`s wrong with her. She explained me her problem. Her previous contract (incl. labor card, viza and so on) with Nando`s in the Greens is expired and as per the rules of U.A.E, she can leave Nando`s and start to work somewhere else where ever she wants. The problem is the Manager of that branch in the Greens. He is trying to force her to stay there and to renew the contract. They signed already the letter of resignation (both the Lady and the Manager), but still the Manager is forcing her and telling her lies so that she have to stay there and work. His problem is the lack of staff, that is why he wants her to stay there. That behavior of the Manager is inacceptable!! I gave the Lady my phone number and will support her in that case. I have some powerful relatives here in the U.A.E. and until now (Thanks God) i never needed their help, but in that case i will call them and will ask them to help me/us. Anywayi wont visit any Nando`s anymore. Such a concept of modern slavery i wont support!! I will inform all of my friends and relatives about and tell them not to go there anymore! Regards H.Resad Issue#6 Controversies in India regarding their taste Nandos has opened its branch in India recently in 2010. Only one branch of Nandos is operating in India though India is a very large country and highly populated. The main issue which Nandos has to come across is that majority of the Indians are vegetarian and they dont eat chicken because of their customs and religion. Where as Nandos is a restaurant for chicken lover and that is the main biggest draw back to Nandos. Once it happens with Mc donalds that they open their branch in a very wrong area where majority of the people were vegetarian and because of which they face the loss and it all leads to bad publicity that is why Nandos open their one branch and they couldnt have the advantage over the large population because Nandos wanted to play safe Issue#7 Cultural discrimination in Saudi Arabia Nandos is also operating in Saudi Arabia but they arent that successful due to some reasons. As we all know that Arabs are known not be efficient and unproductive people. Thus, less people are hired from Saudi Nationals as employee and waiters and more are hired on international basis as they are considered to be more efficient and more productive. Therefore, there is a cultural discrimination problems leading to cultural issues. As it has been disliked by Saudis as more international are hired rather than locals. Through a survey it was been found out that among Nandos employees only 30 percent Saudi were hired and the majority were internationals. The consequences of this discrimination were really bad as it led to a very bad publicity for Nandos. Lessons and the reasons of their growth A global brand talks about growing the right way How do you build a global restaurant chain? Robbie Brozin, the founder of $1-billion-a-year Nandos Chicken, ended the educational component of the Restaurant Leadership Conference with some specific tips for attendees. Nandos specializes in Portuguese-style chicken at its 1,000 stores, only four of which are located in the United States. The chicken is grilled and spiced with peri peri, a hot sauce widely known in Nandos home base of South Africa. Brozin said hell open three more stores this year in his New World foothold of Washington, D.C., guided by what hes learned from operating on four continents. Here are some of the lessons he shared with the 1,400 executives in attendance: You cant build great brands with advertising. At the end of the day, its the people. Nandos looks for hires that are a little different. We spend an inordinate amount of money to motivate our staff. We have a saying: Happy staff equals happy customer equals happy bank manager. How Nandos motivates its employees can vary greatly from market to market (its strongholds are Australia, with about 300 stores; the United Kingdom, 300 stores; and South Africa, also with 300). The constants are an emphasis on having fun and making a difference to the people who please customers one quarter chicken at a time. Partying is encouraged. Design can change a culture. [But] everything you design has to be about the people. He cited such people-pleasing possibilities as the look of the uniforms. You have to be profitable in America, and you have to have it profitable in Australia. The means are often very different, Brozin noted. Yet the brand has to have a common thread. Programmed into the DNA of every Nandos is the focus on chicken and the staff that serves it. Indeed, the absolute key to Nandos success, especially in the early days, was focus, Brozin stressed. He never forgot the objective, or the means to that end: At the end of the day, you have to have an amount of passion. But you also have to have an amount of commitment to making money. Recommendations Thus for organization like Nandos the need to observe people s custom, taste , national culture in carrying out its strategic marketing this is germane for their effective and successful operations as they expand the business . To overcome the issue in India, Nandos should open their outlet in the area where there are less vegetarian and they should introduce more new food stuff which doesnt contain chicken in it and should go fir more vegetables item. And while doing advertisement they should focus on stuff which doesnt contain chicken so that Nandos dont conflict with their custom and religion. To overcome the issue in Saudia, they should hire more Saudis rather than foreigners. In order to increase the efficiency and productivity of Saudis they should arrange more training programs and should give them more and better training in that way they can increase their productivity and they dont have to hire the people from outside and this how they can overcome this problem. To overcome the problems regarding Halal and Haram which is mostly concerned by the Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bangladesh? Nando should spent more on advertising so as to ensure people that the chicken food provided by Nandos is Halal and not Haram. As many people consider their chicken as Haram due to which they have stopped eating it. Therefore, in order to avoid such bad publicity nandos should make people aware of the fact and should provide fool proof reasons that the chicken offered to them is Halal and not Haram Nandos had failed to observe. It has rigidly and excessively stuck to its corporate culture exhibited in South Africa. It failed to note that South African s national culture is not the same thing as what applies in countries in European and Asian states . To overcome this issue they should cultivate their international business by respecting the national differences in the countries where they expand to Nandos is known in South Africa for its humorous but often controversial adverts. This controversies create a lot of problems in South Africa and Australia to overcome this problem they should make different ads in different countries and all those ads should be within the limitation of their culture and should be that much decent that it is acceptable by everyone. They can solve the issue in U.A.E by chaging their manger because the mangaer behavior with the employees were not good and he was not being fair with them and they were nt evn paid for the over time because of which people were running away from Nandos and no one was ready to work over there. This was even affecting their sales because when customer came to know about the unfair with the employees they were so human oriented that they went on protest against nandos which resulted in bad publicity

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Television and Media - Is Iraq the Next Big Hit for Reality TV? Essay

Iraq – The Next Big Hit for Reality TV We went into Iraq with a heroic action movie playing in our heads, but the photographs from Abu Ghraib showed us another movie. Not Independence Day but Kill Bill—and, in the deluge of new photos and videotapes, Kill Bill 2. Yet for all that the photographs from the Iraqi prison invite comparison to big-budget depravity, this is to give the perpetrators too much creative credit. Ultimately, the better comparison is not to the imaginative chaos of a Quentin Tarentino movie but to the mundane chaos of reality TV. To compare the kind of humiliation suffered by the prisoners in Abu Ghraid to reality TV may seem in bad taste. The shows deal with middle-class men and women who have willingly chosen, based on some twisted idea of celebrity, to subject themselves to public humiliation. The photos deal with citizens of a conquered nation whose humiliation is coerced. The prisoners are literally and figuratively a world away from the caterwauling TV contestants. What is similar about the two situations, however, is the underlying dynamic and the role the camera plays in both. Reality TV is the enactment, for entertainment purposes, of primal drives. These are the drives that Freud identified as libido (the drive for sex) and aggression (the drive to destroy). The two archetypal shows in the reality line-up are Survivor and The Bachelor. The former favors aggression; the latter, libido. Other reality shows can be viewed as spin-offs of one or the other of these two: The Apprentice, for example, is Survivor set in the corporate board room; Extreme Make-over is The Bachelor set in a plastic surgeon’s office. Although in most of these shows, one drive predominates, it is impossible, as Fr... ... purgation and a penance—and perhaps in some cases it does. But the general result is to normalize the unfettered display of aggression and libido. In a culture saturated with the exposure of primal impulses, constraint no longer carries any weight. The camera has given lease to the idea that everything is permitted when it is exhibited in public view. Who can blame the soldiers, then, for behaving as though they were on a reality TV show? The humiliation to which they subjected their prisoners probably seemed to them like the antics perpetrated on Survivor only a few months earlier. Because cameras were present, their behavior probably seemed more acceptable rather than less. After all, if one takes a picture, it enters the culture of representation where it becomes normalized into a prank, a spectacle, or, at worst, the unfortunate consequence of losing a game.