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The Year Of Wonders By Geraldine Brooks - 1630 Words

Oppression is defined as, â€Å"the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner†(, and is found all around the world. There is essentially two parts to oppression: the oppressor, who is demonstrating his power by displaying cruelty towards the second part of oppression, the oppressed. The oppressed take part in offenses made by the oppressor, that usually contain a cruel, and unfair burden towards them. The world has demonstrated this profound relationship since human history first began, not only in their way of life, but in literature. For example, Geraldine Brooks, displays the oppressors, in her novel The Year of Wonders, by implicating strong men, and a powerful family; while the oppressed are†¦show more content†¦Panem is significantly lacking fellowship and liberation while under the oppressive rule of the Capitol. People are suffering and working endlessly each and every day inside the districts, while everybody in th e Capitol is living a superb and wealthy life. In order for this to change, Panem needs to reflect on these views, and change their way of life. In the novel, Peeta says, â€Å"Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to†¦ to show the Capitol they don’t own me. That I’m more than just a piece in their games†(Collins 142). He has already reflected the lack of liberation in Panem, and is now trying to envision a way to fix it. This needs to be the mentality of everybody in Panem. Cutting out oppression, and increasing fellowship, liberation, and solidarity, will disembody the life they are living now, and produce an improved way of life for everybody in Panem. In his novel, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire also says, â€Å"It is only when the oppressed find the oppressor out and become involved in the organized struggle for liberation that they begin to believe in themselves. This discovery cannot be purely intellectual but must involve action†(Freire). The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, is linked to this quote. This novel is based out of South Carolina in 1964, at the time when the civil rights movement was strong, and the Jim Crow laws were still intact. Black people were treated unfairly andShow MoreRelatedYear of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks Essay828 Words   |  4 PagesThe premise of the novel (Year of Wonders) could be seen as the antithesis of a journey as the villagers voluntarily agree to undertake a quarantine, which means they literally cannot go anywhere. In what way does this text represent a journey? Though the characters in Year of Wonders are unable to take a physical journey due to their actions, their circumstances cause them to embark on many spiritual, mental and emotional journeys through the course of the novel. Anna Frith, for instance, isRead MoreYear of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks809 Words   |  3 Pages1. This books main character is Anna and she is faced with many obstacles while she strives to save lives and keep herself healthy at the same time. She is a housemaid and a widow that is stuck on her own trying to heal many people. The main event is the bubonic plague which turns an entire city upside down in fear, sorrow, and hatred. Anna has to deal with many different people accusing her of wrong doing to benefit herself or somebody else in letting somebody die. 2. Anna can persevere throughRead MoreThe Literary Melodrama Year Of Wonders1622 Words   |  7 Pages The literary The literary melodrama Year of Wonders (2001), by Geraldine Brooks, is a moving story of a community who quarantines itself in a great act of selflessness. Year of Wonders is a first person account of the plague, is told through the eyes of Anna Frith, a servant of the Mompellion household. Anna is a woman believed to be around 20 years old, who suffered physical and mental abuse at the hand of her father (Josiah Bont) throughout her childhood. Anna spends the most duration of theRead MoreThe Literary Melodrama Year Of Wonders1608 Words   |  7 PagesThe literary melodrama Year of Wonders (2001), by Geraldine Brooks, is a moving story of a community who quarantines itself in a great act of selflessness. Year of Wonders is a first person account of the plague, is told through the eyes of Anna Frith, a servant of the Monpellion household. Anna is a woman believed to be around 20 years old, who suffered physical and mental abuse at the hand of her father throughout her childhood. Anna spends the most duration of the novel in the village of EyamRead MoreTheme Of Oppression In The Hunger Games1328 Words   |  6 PagesWhat do the middle ages, the 1960’s, and the future all have in common? All eras face the gruesome struggle of being oppressed. Author, Geraldine Brooks’ demonstrates this oppression by sending her audience to the past, in her novel Year of Wonders, to follow Ana Frith through the struggles of the plague, societal standards, and coming of age. Showing her audience oppression can be both an internal and active battle. Susan Collins takes a different approach, leading her readers through a futuristicRead MoreYear of Wonders; While Many Characters in ‘Year of Wonders’ Display Admirable Qualities, Anna Frith Is the True Heroine of the Novel1517 Words   |  7 PagesMadison Howlett Year of Wonders; Essay â€Å"While many characters in ‘Year of Wonders’ display admirable qualities, Anna Frith is the true heroine of the novel† Throughout her novel ‘Year of Wonders’, Geraldine Brooks presents readers with many characters that are viewed as admirable in their village of Eyam, during the time of the plague. Set in 1665-66, Brooks creates an environment that many people would not be able to cope with. Numerous deaths and a village that is crumbling around you canRead MoreTheme Of Identity In The Hunger Games1636 Words   |  7 Pagesin her novel, The Hunger Games. In The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd displays how a community can change a person’s beliefs, therefore changing their identity. In Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks displays how a community can come together as one to fight against a major issue within their community. Kidd, Collins and Brooks all depict different types of communities within each of their novels. Yet each novel displays how a person’s surroundings impacts their identity, therefore changing theirRead MoreIdentity In Kidds The Secret Life Of Bees1772 Wo rds   |  8 Pages While Kidd’s novel reflects on the influence a mother has with her child, Brooks’ novel Year of Wonders uses the main character Anna, to reflect on the impact a child has on a mother’s identity. Describing her children, Anna expresses Jamie and Tom as the light of her life, in one precious moment between the three of them, even stating â€Å"‘This,’ I thought, smiling gratefully up at him, ‘this moment is my miracle’† (Brooks 71). However soon after this moment Anna’s children are claimed by the plagueRead MoreThe Importance Of Motherhood In The Secret Life Of Bees2073 Words   |  9 Pagesthe Madonna of the Black Mary. Soon Lily finds mother figures in the Black Mary, and the sisters, and only then is finally able to discover her identity. The role of motherhood in the establishment of identity takes a different path in Brook’s Year of Wonders. Anna Frith is not in fact a child, but a mother, who orients her identity around her children. At the beginning of the novel Anna is a recent widow, with two children, called Jamie and Tom. Jamie and Tom give Anna a sense of independence. SheRead MoreThe Secret Life Of Bees By Suzanne Collins2020 Words   |  9 Pagesback to their family. Either reflecting on the thought of them or their morals or, in search of hope and security. Characters within the novels, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, and the Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks are each presented with a time in which they are targeted by oppression, provoking thoughts centered around their family unit in order to guide them and provide motivation through a time of brutality. Within the novel The Hunger Games

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The Concept of Nationalism in the 20th and 21st Century

Nationalism in the 20th and 21st Century: The concept of nationalism is in essence an odd organization that has had significant impacts in world history through shaping the political and social aspects of the society. As an important aspect in the development of the society, the concept of nationalism has basically been analyzed based on its impact on the emergence of nation-states across the globe. In most cases, these analyses have been conducted to determine the influence of nationalism on imperial breakdown i.e. the dissolution of empires. While the actual extent of the impact of nationalism on the imperial breakdown is uncertain, this concept has played a major role in the dissolution of empires. Generally, the transition to nationalism has contributed to significant effects in world history through shaping the political and social aspects of the society. Description of Nationalism: Nationalism is generally described as the largely-held belief that individuals living in certain geographical spaces share unique historical and cultural customs, which provides them with the right to live in a sovereign political, state (Ellen, 2011). The description of nationalism provides the basis for understanding why national identities have strong emotional connections in lives of individuals. Actually, nationalism becomes an important aspect in modern personal identities and public events because of the emotional link with national communities. The significance ofShow MoreRelatedThe First Glimpse Of Globalization1573 Words   |  7 PagesGlobalization is the process in which a world-wide circulation of goods, ideas, and people takes place. Historically, there were two periods of profound expansion, the 15th and 16th century and 20th and 21st century. In both cases, these eras of globalization were preceded by periods of enriched thinking, sharing, and scientific revolutions. The renaissance is a prime example of an era when ideas and knowledge flourished and spread throughout Europe. This newfound age of discovery resulted in globalRead More 21st Century Capitalism Essay1485 Words   |  6 Pages21st Century Capitalism 21st Century Capitalism. By Robert Heilbroner. (New York: Norton, 1993. 175pp., $17.95) The Work of Nations: Preparing Ourselves for 21st Century Capitalism. By Robert Reich. (New York: Vintage, 1992. 339pp., $14.00) Undoubtedly, the 20th century has witnessed some of the most significant economic events in modern history. For example, the Great Depression saw capitalism come close to its end, and the principles of laissez-faire repudiated as the New Deal wasRead MoreModern Ireland: Why Did the Catholic Church Play Such a Prominent Role in Irish Life?2489 Words   |  10 PagesChurch play such a prominent role in Irish life in the middle years of the 20th Century? Introduction In the second and the third decades of the 20th century, there was high rate of unemployment in Ireland. During this time, most of the citizens also lived under poor and overcrowded conditions. These poor conditions enhanced the essence of emigration in the search for quality livelihood. During the fourth decade of the 20th century, there was a transformation in the living condition though electrificationRead MorePolitical Science: Idea of Global Citizenship692 Words   |  3 Pagesthe fact that there is a border between America and Mexico is one of the problems involved with the idea of global citizenship. But the concept of global citizenship not only involves the freedom to travel across artificially created borders, but also includes the idea of being part of a world community and contributing toward that community. In the 21st century, being a global citizen must entail being part of a global network, as well as being aware of the interconnected way that the world operatesRead MorePablo Picasso And George Braque1668 Words   |  7 Pages1. Pablo Picasso and George Braque founded cubism in the early 20th century in Paris. It was an artwork to be considered as the first radical approach in expressing visual reality. According to Cubist, any perception of an object was a composite of simultaneous and different perspectives. Cubism tries to help one understand the world around them in a different way by changing their perspective on a certain subject. It is an approach of art where a painter takes a real life object and changes itRead MoreAustralia s Ideological Identity As A Nation1700 Words   |  7 PagesAustralia is a relatively young nation, and its identity as a nation has accordingly undergone many transformations during the past century. Australia s ideological identity, particularly the humanitarian and multicultural aspects, suffered greatly under the development of discriminatory and harsh treatment of refugees in the later 20th and earlier 21st centuries, to the detriment of its international reputation. Initially, Australia s ideological basis seemed to be gaining a strong basis fromRead MoreWhat Is Race: My Reflection Essay887 Words   |  4 Pagesthe vast amounts of variables that can play into it. â€Å"In 19th century, the concept of nationalism was often used to justify the domination of one race over another within a specific nation, in the last decades of the 20th century; the legal system as well as the official ideology emphasized racial equality. Racial prejudice remains a continuing problem throughout the world. However, there are fewer race-based conflicts in the 21st century than in the past† (Ethnicity vs. Race). I believe that peopleRead MoreRethinking Marx’s Concept of Class: Does the emergence of the so-called identity politics indicating the â€Å"fall† of class politics?1716 Words   |  7 PagesIt is doubtless that Marx’s concept of Class was very remarkable particularly at the 19th century era, when the implication of The Age of Reason (Aufklarung) in Europe had contributed significant supports of changes in the development of sciences and the historical of thought at that time. Nevertheless, Marx progressive thought that was manifested in the concept of class has been questioned for decades since its capacity is considered ‘limited’ and somehow ‘irrelevant’ if it is applied to the contemporaryRead MoreTattoos : a Permanent Mark on Pop Culture Essay6526 Words   |  27 Pagescrests (a tradition still practiced today). In 787 AD, Pope Hadrian banned tattooing. It still thrived in Britain until the Norman Invasion of 1066. The Normans disdained tattooing. It disappeared from Western culture from the 12th to the 16th centuries. While tattooing diminished in the west, it thrived in Japan. At first, tattoos were used to mark criminals. First offenses were marked with a line across the forehead. A second crime was marked by adding an arch. A third offense wasRead MoreChinese Culture2090 Words   |  9 Pageslearned, not biologically inherited. The process whereby culture is passed from one generation to the next. The third is â€Å"symbols. Much of human behavior is mediated by symbols—signs, sounds, emblems, and other things that represent meaningful concepts.† The forth is that â€Å"Culture is integrated. The foundation of culture includes three structural elements that work together to keep the culture strong: An infrastructure provides the basic necessities of life, a social structure determines how people

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Analysis Of Woodrow Wilson High School - 1311 Words

Life within a group that tends to be over looked or down played at times can be quite deadly. Throughout life, many different groups, categories, cultures, and identities will take the toll of action while one is responding either to you or about you. The film I analyzed is Freedom Writers, which is based on a dedicated teacher of the white or Caucasian ethnic group. White being the dominate group in America that tends to have many privileges, which the teacher Erin Gruwell took the notion to step up and develop a hurting school that used to be an A average educational institute. From the words of the head person in charge at Woodrow Wilson High School in Los Angeles, California was the principle that only could do so much to stop success†¦show more content†¦Culture delivers the strategies for people’s interpretations of situations they come across and for the responses, they consider applicable. Social Structure, â€Å"the organized patterns of behavior among the basic components of a social system— establishes relatively predictable social relationships among the different peoples in a society† (Parrillo,2014). For example, the orientation between a minority group with the dominate group always has a set guideline how the other group should act or fit in with the dominate group. From the dominate group being so uptight and selfish of life, thinking everyone that is not made of their similar blood of ethnic group has to act a certain way in order to acquire a suitable life. Discrimination, which is the â€Å"differential and unequal treatment of other groups of people, usually along racial, religious, or ethnic lines† (Parrillo, 2014). This action was played out many times through the film, by not only by student-to-student, but also by educational leaders and staff towards other faculty and students. For example, Mrs. Campbell, who was the principle that was just settling with the progress of the school at a low level of success. Then trying to dictate what should be taught and read within the classrooms. Mrs. Campbell was expressing all types of signs or prejudice and discrimination, by devaluing each student. She also believed that each at-risk student was incapable of learning based off herShow MoreRelatedRole Of Reorganization Of Europe During The 20th Century1343 Words   |  6 Pagesof the Empires, which had brought oppression and fear to many Eastern European territories. Important figures in the international relations scenario, such as President Woodrow Wilson and Robert Seton-Watson, strongly believed that reorganization of Europe was an important step for Eastern Europe and the world, and further analysis of writings in the period reveal that this was a fairly strong argument. Austria-Hungary’s ferocious answer to the assassination arose quickly, and in less than a month’sRead MoreAbnormal Factors Of Foreign Relations856 Words   |  4 Pagesforeign relation seem not related to each other, choosing the example plays a vital role in illustrating the thesis. Laura McEnaney succeeds in sketching ideas about the gender analysis in foreign relations but fails to persuade the readers that gender really mattered. The author starts from the initial impression of gender analysis in diplomatic history and develops it as a vital element to inform policymakers’ decisions. She claims â€Å"gender merely adds to the historian’s toolbox†. McEnaney demonstratesRead MoreHistory Is Almost Always Written By The Winners1393 Words   |  6 PagesMy Teacher Told Me.† by James W. Loewen to uncover and expose the propogandic style teachings of high school textbooks. In his book, he has detailed his writings that are intended to elicit a thought-provoking question- is our curriculum geared toward immortalizing the great achievements of our nation while keeping the dark, checkered deeds hidden? That is the purpose of his dogma, and this analysis we will uncover what exactly happened that prompted Loewen to release such an argumentat ive bookRead MoreBenefits Of Having A College Degree956 Words   |  4 PagesMany high school students do not realize how important it is to go to college and get a degree. Private colleges have more academic benefits than public colleges because they have technological advancements that public schools do not have. The benefits of having a college degree and higher education can help a person academically, socially, and achieve more opportunities. Every student would love to have the name Harvard or Harvey Mudd on his or her diploma, but the reality is that the vast majorityRead MoreAn Understanding of Public Administration2588 Words   |  11 Pagesillustrated to further acquaint the reader to the practice of public administration and how it operates to service the public. Table of Contents I. Introduction – Brief Overview of Public Administration II. Body A. Woodrow Wilson B. Principles behind Public Administration C. Public Administration in the United States D. Luther Gulick and Functions in Management E. POSDCORB III. Community Action Agency- Brief Overview IV. Conclusion Read MoreDefining Public Administration2566 Words   |  11 Pagesis illustrated to further acquaint the reader to the practice of public administration and how it operates to service the public. Table of Contents I. Introduction – Brief Overview of Public Administration II. Body A. Woodrow Wilson B. Principles behind Public Administration C. Public Administration in the United States D. Luther Gulick and Functions in Management E. POSDCORB III. Community Action Agency- Brief Overview IV. Conclusion Read MoreEducational System Reform1071 Words   |  4 Pagespolarizing and also subject to different ideological perspectives. This analysis will briefly present some of the themes and perspectives that are involved in this critical debate. The Romanticism of Education Charles Murray makes some powerful claims regarding the roots or the foundation for the crisis in education. He believes that Educational romanticism consists of the belief that just about all children who are not doing well in school have the potential to do much better and that educational romanticsRead MoreHealth Or Money, What Matters More?1324 Words   |  6 Pagesreason for not wanting to eat the school lunches. Larger schools are capable of providing students with a healthy lunch that they will eat; nevertheless, smaller schools do not have the same luxuries. Lunches are often rotten or even less heathy then that of a burger from McDonalds. Good lunch programs are hard to come across and often expensive, but despite this there is a simple solution, just by the community of Apache Junction standing up and saying that all school lunches should come from one cateringRead MoreEvolution of Public Administratpon5727 Words   |  23 Pagesold. According to Woodrow Wilson the late e volution of public administration was due to the fact that the Governments had passed through three Stages-the period of absolute rulers; the period of struggle for constitutionalism and popular control; and the period when on winning political battles, people started thinking about freedom and perfect machinery for democratic administration. The first systematic writer on public administration was the American president Woodrow Wilson whose article entitledRead MoreKilling Reconstruction : American Exceptionalism And The North s Rise1094 Words   |  5 PagesKilling Reconstruction; American Exceptionalism and The North’s Rise to Power Pulitzer Prize holding biographer of president Woodrow Wilson’s biography, Scott Berg, described the future foreign policy of southern diplomats and federalists such as Wilson, to have been formed by the trauma experienced during the course of The Civil War. The Confederate south was left in a state of constant ruin, with infrastructure and the economy in recession, morale and dignity torn, and in a racial transgression

The Self-Induced Outsider free essay sample

The following essay examines the definition of an outsider and focuses on the self-induced outsider with specific reference to Michael Jackson. This paper gains insight into the general public opinion of Michael Jackson according to the black-based media, and then according to the white-based media; ultimately ending with an analysis of the similarities and differences between the two to show how he has alienated himself from both races. From the paper: According to The Seattle Times, November 15, 1996, a report is written about Michael Jacksons first public appearance after marrying Lisa Marie Presley and includes the comment; Jackson, without his trademark face mask. This is obviously an attempt to create a negative image of Michael Jackson. There is no need for this so-called news report to include this snide remark. These types of reports, however, seemed to be the majority throughout the white media. The white population seemed to focus on the negative aspects of Michael Jackson every chance they got. We will write a custom essay sample on The Self-Induced Outsider or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page There were very few reports on his achievements in his professional career, but numerous reports focusing on his private life.

Classical Adlerian Quotes Striving for Significance

Questions: What is meant by a limb of uncertainty and chaos? What do we mean when we say a client has a low bottom? Give an example of how subtle changes in words or tone can profoundly alter what the client hears? What do recent psychological theories of emotion assume? Define the term friend confident What did Alfred Adler say about the human relationships? Describe the relationship between clients speech and his reaction to a situation Describe the relationship between clients speech and his reaction to a situation Why should you barrage your client with feedback? How can you encourage your client to make changes using the mantra The fastest way to change how you feel is to change the way you act? Answers: What is meant by a limb of uncertainty and chaos? The term a limb of uncertainty and chaos is referred to the initial problem faced by the therapist in helping an individual or a family who is in a verge of mental collapse, to cross the bridge form the old to the new in the period of disorientation and disintegration (, 2015). However families who have already reached the lowest level of anxiety, depression, struggle and pressures of dysfunctional behavior should be ready to get back as their pain have reached the uppermost level that they have nowhere to go. What do we mean when we say a client has a low bottom? A low bottom refers o individuals who are devastatingly addicts and those who have lost all their things including home, family, cars, jobs, relationships. The High Bottom individuals are on the other hand is addicts who have not lost their things yet but they have met with some incidents in their lives which have served as a warning that they might lose everything if they continue having alcohol or drugs. In other words some serious consequences would not let them neglect the fact that they are in some serious conditions and have to change their way of life. If the therapist talks to the recovering addicts they would find an interesting mix of low bottoms and high bottoms. The low bottoms have to severely fall apart before they finally decide to get back on the right track. Many such people become demoralized and they sense that they have nowhere to go and they eventually become sick and depressed and finally they try to re think about their life. they just need a little push toward finding themselves again(, 2015) . Give an example of how subtle changes in words or tone can profoundly alter what the client hears? This has been proved in therapy that subtle changes in words or tones can alter the way client hears what is said. Like for example if a therapist ask a question such as the clients voice sounds very sad when he talks about his wife rather than I feel that your wife does not love you then it would allow the client to wonder about what the therapist really mean by the statement (, 2015). Thus using empathy in your tone works wonder for the clients and t can change his entire thinking process and intuition. What do recent psychological theories of emotion assume? Ans. The new and recent psychological theories of emotion assume that the way a person shall interpret and assume an emotional situation would shape his emotional reactions. Because a persons emotions are physical and mental realities, the way they judge a situation is actually an intrinsic part of the emotion itself. As emotions are perceptual in nature, a person is actually exploring their deepest thoughts and convictions when they are goin through their deepest feelings(Marc and Angel Hack Life, 2015). Define the term friend confident The term friend-confidant is a term which is used to describe the therapist within the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client where the individual suffering from depression or anxiety can open up or expose his feelings, his thoughts, his fears to the therapist without bothering whether he will also become emotionally weak after hearing his story and would cry or become excited (Myers, 2004). The relation that is shared by the client and the therapist is that which is based on mutual trust and belief which once the family recovers in transferred to one of the family members or a trusted close friend who becomes the friend-confidant after the therapist. What did Alfred Adler say about the human relationships? Ans. According to Alfred Adler a warm human relationship can give people the courage to face and understand their mistakes .Alfred Adlers approach is called individual psychology as he takes a holistic view of individuals. It insisted that a whole person have lots of problems like family, social, biological issues, psychological attitudes and community ties. In his 1931 book he wrote that the cause of success or failure cannot be any particular experience in human lives (Psych, 2015). He said that a person understands himself in respect to the situations that he has faced in his lifetime. Experiences alone do not shape their destiny but people become self determined by the meaning that they give to those experiences. He also deeply appreciate the role played by religion in giving hope to his depressed patients .he once wrote that the idea of God has elevated the concept of humanity. Describe the relationship between clients speech and his reaction to a situation Ans. A client may express his feelings to the therapist but not acknowledge the fact that he is sad or depressed..In such a situation, the therapist should not care about his action and should show explicit empathy to the client. The therapist should cater to the inner beauty and positiveness of the client rather than his fears and anxiety. The client has to believe first that he is well in order to act well. Acting well leads to feeling well (, 2015). Describe what happens during the process of verbalization. Ans. The process of verbalization includes helping the challenged readers develop the sensory cognitive function of an imagery concept. Unlike both comprehension and reading program concept imagery applies to the development of difficult thinking skills, comprehension and expression of both written and oral language. Verbalization applies to the students of v/v who goes through a series of steps and finally integrates imagery with their comprehension learning skills and critical thinking ('The healing process', 2014). It is possible under intense instruction for students and adults t make comprehension in just few weeks after giving years to reading. Verbalization is usually learnt by children through the process of verbal talking by their parents. Verbalization of a therapist has immense impact on the mindset of their patients who learn to read and talk efficiently after the sessions with their therapist. They learn to say it out loud and communicate all their problems to their love d and close ones when they once go through the process of verbalization by their therapist. Why should you barrage your client with feedback? Ans. It is overtly important for a therapist to barrage his clients because through that process of criticism he can really make him understand where he is going wrong. It is very important for a person who is in the verge of an emotional turmoil to find the right counselor for help. After that if a client keeps reiterating his problems except of everything that his therapist has done for him to reduce his agony, the therapist has to recognize that all his helps have become in vain for his client. The client can say that in spite of everything the therapist has done he has not being able to grasp the knowledge what he has been trying to tell him , so, in that case the therapist before providing feed back to him should make sure he has portrayed the view as vividly as possible. Good therapy is all about helping the client to feel good about himself. it is important for a therapist to give feed back to the clients so that the client can make healthy decisions about his life so that he can move from a poor weak emotional state of mind to a healthy state of mind and also to remove sadness, anxiety frustration, anger and cover them up with peace and tranquility. The client should also provide feedback to his therapist by saying what had worked for him so far and which are the aspects which have been helpful for him. A good therapist will always be eager to welcome such feedbacks from the clients end and it will help to deal with further issues that might crop up in the process(, 2015). How can you encourage your client to make changes using the mantra The fastest way to change how you feel is to change the way you act? Ans. If the client has been going through weird feelings or maybe he is going through a phase of disbelief that maybe he wont ever get out of this mess, the therapist can encourage him with the mantra. The way to feel better is to try hard and harder the way you act. The first thing that I have to make my client understand is that there is nothing impossible in this world and if he tries real hard then he will be able to change the way he thinks by the way he acts. The mantra is positive frame of mind, and medicines should also help in healing but medicines alone cannot make a client feel better as he have to keep on trying to think positively and also be happy on every possible way. He should go out with friends and confide everything to his therapist to make things easier for himself. In this way I can encourage my client to make changes by using this very simple but very powerful mantra. References:,. (2015). Classical Adlerian Quotes: Striving for Significance - Alfred Adler. Retrieved 13 February 2015, from,. (2015). Psychotherapy: How it Works and How it Can Help - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Retrieved 13 February 2015, from,. (2015). What do practicing psychologists do?. Retrieved 13 February 2015, from,. (2015). The Humanities Collection Verbalization and Visualization Process: Its Applicability in EFL. Retrieved 13 February 2015, from Marc and Angel Hack Life,. (2015). 9 Good Reminders that Will Change the Way You Think. Retrieved 13 February 2015, from Myers, D. (2004). Psychology. New York: Worth Publishers. Psych,. (2015). Therapists Spill: Delivering Difficult Feedback to Clients. Retrieved 13 February 2015, from The healing process. (2014). Chemistry Industry, 78(3), 32-35. doi:10.1002/cind.783_10.x,. (2015). Alfred Adler - A Psychology of Change. Retrieved 13 February 2015, from